Are your wax melts eco-friendly?

Yes, we do our bit for the environment. Please check out our About Us page for more details. 

 How long do your wax melts burn for?

Our wax melts here at Carter Candles last for up to 12 hours per segment. We suggest to replenish after 12 hours of burning time to ensure maximum scent throw. 

How much do I put in my burner? 

We suggest to put one segment in per wax burner to avoid any overfilling! This is of course, dependant on your choice and the size of your burners.

How do I go about changing my melts in my wax burner? 

To change your wax melt, we suggest, popping a lit tea light in the gap of your burner, waiting around 30 seconds until the wax has began slightly melting and your able to carefully move the wax. Once your wax melt has been removed, any residue can be removed by wiping away with a clean cotton pad. All ready for you to burn another gorgeous melt!

How long will it take for me to receive my order?

Once your order has been placed, our turnaround is 2-5 working days (this is for us to pack your lovely items & to get them posted). After we have posted your items, you can then expect a further 3-5 working days for your items to then be shipped to you in the UK and 3-17 days for other countries!