Carter Candles was first established in 2021, we began our journey with Carter Candles whilst furloughed during lockdown number three. We began doing this as a hobby, sharing our products that we had made with family/friends. We had nothing but fantastic feedback, they all LOVED them. We soon realised that this was something we were both particularly passionate about & this was when Carter Candles was brought to life! 

Carter Candles is a small business, located in a small village within North Yorkshire, specialising in bringing hand poured, soy-based wax products to your beautiful homes. 

We have been working exceptionally hard to ensure that we're using as many eco-friendly products as we possibly can! Including, recycled clamshells, recyclable packaging - including our packing peanuts, so don't forget to dissolve them under a running tap! And of course, vegan and cruelty free ingredients! 

Thankyou for shopping with us, supporting our small business & we can't wait for you to be a part of the next venture in our lives! 

Lots Of Love X